GSOC 2014: Akonadi Commandline Client's Current Status

Hey everyone! GSoC 2014 just ended (today was the firm pencils down date) and I thought it would be great to blog about the current status »

GSoC 2014: Akonadi Commandline Interface Project

Hello everyone I know it’s a little late to introduce myself and my GSoC project. But better late than never I guess I am Bhaskar »

[GSOC 2012] Weekly Report - 13

Hi everyone Finally, last week of GSOC finished! Time flies! This week I had to do documentation for the web interface. For documenting the JavaScript functions »

[GSOC 2012] Weekly Report - 12

Hi guys! Week 12 is finished and we have the official ‘pencils down’ date of today, so no developing after today, bummer So, let’s start »

[GSOC 2012] Weekly Report - 11

Hi guys Last week I said I’d do only bug fixes to the interface but since on the OpenIntents mailing list I got quite a »