GSOC 2014: Akonadi Commandline Client’s Current Status

Hey everyone!

GSoC 2014 just ended (today was the firm pencils down date) and I thought it would be great to blog about the current status of my project.

AkonadiClient is an application that allows power users and system administrators to manage Akonadi from the command line.

As per my proposal I had to improve upon and add commands to the already existing prototype of the client (developed by my mentors Kevin Krammer and Jonathan Marten).

I recently finished adding documentation (man pages) to the project and also finished improving upon the add command and it’s test cases. And I beleive this completes all the tasks that I had planned for in my GSoC proposal.Features of AkonadiClient

For those who are interested, following are the commands that are supported by AkonadiClient after this summers work (short description included):

  • add – Add an item to a collection
  • *list – *List collections
  • rename** Rename collections
  • *move – *Move a collection
  • *copy – *Copy a collection
  • create*– *Create new collections
  • delete** Delete an item or a collection
  • show** Shows the raw payload of an item
  • *update – *Update an items payload
  • edit*– *Open an item’s payload in $EDITOR for editing
  • agents*– *Manage running Akonadi agents
  • *export – *Export a collection to XML
  • import* – *Import a collection from XML
  • expand** Expands a contact group item
  • *info – *Display information about a collection or an item
  • tags – List all known tags

In addition to these commands a command shell / interpreter has also been created by me which is invoked when no arguments are passed to the akonadiclient. It can be used to run multiple commands without launching a separate instance of the application.

Future Plans

I would love to continue working on the project and add bug fixes and or enhancements (and more thorough test cases :)). I would also love to work on other parts of KDE  like other PIM applications and Plasma.


I would like to thank my mentors Jonathan Marten and Kevin Krammer  for their support and guidance and I really appreciate the time and effort you put into reviewing my patches Kevin, I’ve learnt a lot working on this project with you (especially the need for properly formatted code :)) and thanks Jonathan for the invaluable suggestions that you gave at the start of the project and the implementation of the tags command :)

I would also like to thank Daniel Vrátil (KDE PIM) for suggesting the proper way to test akonadiclient using Akonadi’s isolated testing environment, *Luigi Toscano *(Documentation Team) for pointing me in the right direction pertaining to KDE’s standard way of writing man pages and *Yuri Chornoivan *(Documentation Team)  for reviewing the documentation that I’ve written for the project, much appreciated guys!

This has been a really fun summer! Now, I can finally go and get a full nights sleep :D


Bhaskar Kandiyal

GSoC 2014: Akonadi Commandline Interface Project

Hello everyone :)

I know it’s a little late to introduce myself and my GSoC project. But better late than never I guess :)

I am Bhaskar Kandiyal a student pursuing masters in Computer Applications and I have been accepted as a student to work for KDE as a part of GSoC this year! My mentors are Jonathan Marten and Kevin Krammer and I would like to thank them for giving me an opportunity to work on this project.

My project is titled Akonadi Commandline Interface Project. As evident from the name it’s an application that will act as a commandline interface to Akonadi so advanced users and system administrators can access and modify Akonadi’s data from shell scripts etc.

A demo project that I extended from the early prototype made by Kevin Krammer and Jonathan Marten is available here:

As of now I have implemented the –dryrun option for all the commands that modify the Akonadi datastore. And currently I’m working on adding basic filesystem and data commands (delete, edit etc.) to the client.

More details about the project and my progress will be posted on this blog :)


[GSOC 2012] Weekly Report – 13

Hi everyone :)

Finally, last week of GSOC finished! Time flies!

This week I had to do documentation for the web interface. For documenting the JavaScript functions and classes, I used the awesome YUIDoc. It works just like JavaDoc, except it’s language independent and can be used to create a temporary server to serve the HTML documentations on-the-fly i.e as you edit the documentation you can see how it all looks by running YUIDoc in server mode.

I also wrote a small wiki page mentioning how one can extend the web interface and what guidelines to follow when adding a new application or a new theme to the interface. It also contains steps on how to generate documentation for the JavaScript files using YUIDoc.

I didn’t add a ‘doc’ directory to the repository since the WiFiServer and CloudSync server use the web interface ‘as is’ directly from the repository and we wouldn’t want the server to serve contents of the doc directory to the user do we? :P

Also, some last minute bugs reported by Aaron were also fixed. They were mostly CSS related. Aaron also suggested quite a lot of improvements to the UI of Shopping List as well, but since we don’t have time in GSOC left now, I’d love to work on those after GSOC :)

So, that’s that, it’s a wrap folks! I’ll continue to work on the web interface after GSOC as well and post new improvements on this blog. Now awaiting the final evaluations! :)


[GSOC 2012] Weekly Report – 12

Hi guys!

Week 12 is finished and we have the official ‘pencils down’ date of today, so no developing after today, bummer :P

So, let’s start off with the usual, TODO from the last week:

  • REST API on App Engine for CloudSync (I’ll need to talk to Stanley first about some details of the API): DONE
  • Implementing the full REST API for OI Shopping List: DONE* (Read Below)
  • Documentation for how to add new modules or apps support to the interface: WIP
  • Code cleanup: DONE
  • As usual bug fixes and minor improvements (I’ll try to improve IE9 support as well): DONE

I fixed quite a lot of small and big bugs and since my college started this week, I had to work extra hard and manage my time. Most of the time spent this week was on bug fixes and organizing the code with a bit of UI improvements like the toggle sidebar button has been improved.

A new thing for mobile browsers is that the OI Shopping List for mobile browsers follows exactly the same layout of items as the application itself. Since a table of the different columns would not fit in a small screen, I had to make this change, which in my opinion looks pretty good :)

And for low end device or for those who don’t like fancy animations, there’s also a setting to disable animations now :)

Next up I had to fix some problems with how I handled the shopping list data sent by the server. The price was sent in cents (took me a while to understand when Stanley told me :P) so I convert the price from cents to dollars now.

I also wrote a stub for the REST calls API for shopping list on the CloudSync project. Also, Vettukal told me the shopping list sync is not ready yet. So, if I  added my own support for shopping list (only on the App Engine) would mean to modify the Task structure (at least that’s what I think needs to be done since imho there’s currently no way to differentiate between a shopping list and a shopping list item if we follow the current structure of the Task) which could possibly lead to breakage in syncing with OI Notepad (This is from my own understanding and could all be wrong :P)

Therefore, I simply implemented a stub for the REST calls as documented by Stanley which sends a 501 Not Implemented error code that tells the interface that the app is not yet available and therefore it doesn’t get displayed in the app engine interface.

As a part of cleaning up the code, I included all the shopping list and notepad functions inside a namespace which I should have done earlier since there’s no real reason to add those functions to the global namespace. Now we have all the helper functions in global namespace and all the application specific stuff in the application’s own namespace.

Next up I also added quite a bit of documentation to the source JavaScript files. I’ll be using YUIDoc to parse the files and generate the documentation for functions :)

Now that the coding period is finished I will solely focus on documenting the interface which would contain mostly how to add support for new applications and documentation for existing functions.

Cheers! :)

[GSOC 2012] Weekly Report – 11

Hi guys :)

Last week I said I’d do only bug fixes to the interface but since on the OpenIntents mailing list I got quite a lot of suggestions from Aaron and Friedger so I implemented those as well and fixed some bugs.

Here’s a list of improvements I’ve made based on suggestions given in the OpenIntents mailing list:

  • Made the landing page for OI Cloud Sync more responsive, I do this by hiding the slideshow on mobile devices since it’s really meant for large screen devices and fixing a bug where the navbar and footer were not aligned well with the page.
  • Made the table in OI Shopping List responsive as well so it resizes well on small screen devices
  • Ability to sort the shopping list items based on their status (completed / not completed or checked / unchecked)
  • I’ve removed the ‘inline edit’ for shopping list items and now a full edit window aka add window with edit functionality is shown to the user as suggested by Aaron.
  • A major improvement is that the OI Shopping List’s table is now scrollable. This was done because Aaron suggested we have the ‘quick add’ input box at the bottom of the page so that it’s more in line with the actual OI Shopping List’s interface. To accomplish that I had to make the table scrollable with overflow: auto but it’s not supported on some mobile devices so it didn’t scroll therefore I used some JavaScript to make it scrollable on touch. Now it’s all fine and dandy :)
  • Also a change that Friedger requested to close the settings dialog when we click the settings button again has been added as well.
  • Apart from that quite a lot of small bug fixes

Long awaited icons are now done :P I had a bunch of ideas on making these so I implemented quite a few of these (especially for the Cloud Sync Server). I also changed the arrows so they don’t resemble the Skype logo’s ‘S’. Here’s the icons (I’ll post them to the mailing list as well).

As for the next week, I’ll be working on some important things:

  • REST API on App Engine for CloudSync (I’ll need to talk to Stanley first about some details of the API)
  • Implementing the full REST API for OI Shopping List
  • Documentation for how to add new modules or apps support to the interface
  • Code cleanup
  • As usual bug fixes and minor improvements (I’ll try to improve IE9 support as well)

You’re free to test the interface here and report any bugs :)

[GSOC 2012] Weekly Report – 10

Hi everyone! :)

Week 10 of GSOC done! Wow, time flies :D

Last Week’s TODO

  • Improvements to the home page for both OI Cloud Sync and the web interface: DONE
  • The usual bug fixes and code cleanup: DONE
  • Add a tabbed settings page (If it looks good that is ;) ): ND (Details below)
  • Some more stuff that I can’t think of right now :P

Improvements To the Home Page

The home page of the web interface has been improved. As usual they’re subtle changes to the colors and CSS fixes. The ‘Toggle Sidebar’ button to the left now has an opacity which increases on hover so it looks like it glows. Also the color of the launcher icons in the home page has been tweaked a bit.

As for the OI Cloud Sync home page, I didn’t get enough time to improve it a lot but I’ll surely do it next week :)

Tabbed Settings

This, as of now is a no-go. Why? Because right now we don’t have many settings to change so categorizing the settings into tabs would be a headache to navigate for the user :) Maybe we can add it later once we have a number of settings.

Sorted Tables

A noticeable improvement this week is the ability to sort the data. Both in OI Notepad and OI Shopping List you can click the table headers to sort the column this is a nice feature for people who have a lot of notes or shopping list items and want to sort them :)

Other Improvements

OK, so these were not planned by me in my TODO last week but these suggestions / bug reports were given by my mentor Al Sutton and Aaron and Friedger on OpenIntents mailing list.

Here are the things that they suggested and I implemented:

  • Fixed the duplicate empty message bug
  • Fixed a bug where previous note contents were left in the ‘Add New Note’ dialog.
  • Changed the Back button to Home button
  • Added functionality to focus on the input of a dialog box
  • Add support for ‘quick add’ (as I like to call it). This adds functionality to quickly add an item to the shopping list where you just want an item name in the list. There’s a new textbox for that which does this. The old AddItem button is still there if you wish to enter details of the item as well.
  • Added a Logout button to the interface

Here’s a screenshot:

So, that’s pretty much it for this week! :)

As always you can test the interface at

The ‘pencils down’ date is closing in fast and I have to get all the bugs ironed out next week, so there won’t be a set TODO for next week but only bug fixes and minor enhancements :)

[GSOC 2012] Weekly Report 9

Hi guys! Week 9 done! :)

 Last Week’s TODO:

  • Finish the OI Shopping List interface design: DONE
  • Add REST calls for OI Shopping List to the interface: WIP
  • Improve the OI Cloud Sync welcome page / landing page: DONE
  • Improve the Home page (I have some ideas in my head ;) ): DONE
  • And the usual bug fixes, optimizations and code cleanup :): DONE

Shopping List Interface and REST calls

OK, so at the start of the week I worked on the OI Shopping List interface design, mainly on the UI for managing lists. I figured a simple drop-down div way for managing the lists would be best so in the list selection drop-down box there’s a option which when selected displays options to manage lists. I haven’t yet added the javascript to edit and or delete the lists because I was focusing more on the design. But this should be a few lines of code and won’t take more than 5 minutes :)

As for the REST calls, I didn’t have the time to implement them and also we have not finalized the REST calls for the shopping list so maybe we should first discuss on the calls and then implement them. Therefore, I’m skipping this for now.

OI Cloud Sync Welcome Page

As per last week, I did some initial design of the welcome page for OI Cloud Sync which will be hosted on the App Engine. Since it will be the first page the user will see, I thought it would be good to introduce the user to the features of OI Cloud Sync and it’s web interface. This is done by the tried and tested way of sideshow’s! As of now, I quickly made the slides and they don’t look quite professional but I’ll eventually add some good looking ones ;)

The page also has a Login with your Google Account button as a BFB (Big Friggin Button) in the middle, so there’s no way to miss it ;)

At the bottom there are a couple of small text blocks describing OI Cloud Sync.

Improve the interface Home page

Now coming back to my own project :P I’ve made some subtle changes to the home page. Most of them won’t be noticeable unless you have an eye for details but the most noticeable is the Toggle Sidebar button on the left side which allows an easy way to toggle the sidebar so you don’t have to goto the menu to do it and the other thing is the small pencil icon when hovering over the app icons. The pencil icon is an Edit button that leads to the settings page which allows easy way of enabling and disabling applications.

Another subtle change, apart from others, is that the sidebar now slides to the left instead of fading to the top-left before. This gives a bit more ‘toggling-the-sidebar’ effect :P

Here’s a screenshot:

And the usual bug fixes….

I also fixed some bugs in the JavaScript and migrated some anchor tags to buttons since anchors are usually used to link externally but we only have internal links here so we don’t need anchors at all times ;)

Give it a whirl!

I’ve set up my own app-engine project to test stuff so I don’t mess up with Vettukal’s work. Here’s the link where you can test everything I talked about:

So, yup that’s pretty much it for this week :)

Now, for next week….

Next Week’s TODO

  • Improvements to the home page for both OI Cloud Sync and the web interface
  • The usual bug fixes and code cleanup
  • Add a tabbed settings page (If it looks good that is ;))
  • Some more stuff that I can’t think of right now :P

[GSOC 2012] Weekly Report – 8

Yup, I’m posting this report because….I passed the midterm evaluation yay :D Thanks to my mentor Al Sutton for the support and guidance :)

OK, back to business ;)

Next Week’s TODO

  • Improve upon the OI Shopping List interface: WIP (Almost done, just needs support for managing lists)
  • Add some more API and functionality for modules: *DONE *(I’ll add more API functions in the future as well)
  • Fix bugs in the interface: DONE (Fixed all the bugs I could find)
  • Clean up code: DONE

OK, so this week doesn’t have anything big, just some minor fixes here and there and some code improvements and cleanup.

I fixed some bugs in the JavaScript which led to event bubbling which in-turn triggered some unexpected events.

A noticeable improvement in the code is that I now use jQuery.on instead of to add event listeners since is now deprecated and had some drawbacks to it. This could make triggering of events much faster and therefore should speed up the whole interface, although I don’t have any statistics right now as to how much it has improved.

Next, I improved the look of the progressbar that shows ‘Loading’ when the interface is, well, loading :P The progressbar now uses bootstrap’s CSS classes which should make it look just like the rest of the interface (previously it was ugly :P)

OI Shopping Lists’s web interface has also been worked upon now. I’ve added event handlers for almost all the events (except lists). OI Shopping List is a very complex application, well at least it’s interface was hard to convert to a web-friendly one. Now, I’ll be working on the lists which should be tricky as I don’t want to clutter the interface with more buttons like it is now with the ‘Add New List’ and ‘Delete List’ buttons.

I’m thinking of adding drop-down or a ‘Manage Lists’ button which would open up a dialog to manage lists.

Alright….saving the best for last. In my last week’s report I talked about asking Vettukal to push the App-Engine app with the interface to app-engine. He was facing some problems with it as well. But, I managed it push it to the App-Engine now. All’s well and sorted and it works fine :)

You can check it out here:

NOTE: The main welcome page is buggy (it doesn’t slide the text). I just noticed it that it, for some reason, didn’t work on the app-engine. Strange, it worked locally. So, I guess I’ll add it in the TODO for next week.

You will need to sync some data first, so Vettukal’s Cloud Sync app is needed. Feel free to test and leave feedback and bug reports :)

I also worked on new icons for OI WiFi Server and Cloud Sync Server, I’ll be putting them on the list this week once I sort the minor stuff out.

OK, that’s all for this week, I know not much stuff, just some optimizations and cleanup. But making the code stable is more important than adding bells and whistles :)

Now, for next week….

Next Week’s TODO

  • Finish the OI Shopping List interface design
  • Add REST calls for OI Shopping List to the interface
  • Improve the OI Cloud Sync welcome page / landing page
  • Improve the Home page (I have some ideas in my head ;))
  • And the usual bug fixes, optimizations and code cleanup :)

[GSOC 2012] Weekly Report – 7

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[GSOC 2012] Weekly Report – 6

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