Share Ubuntu And Windows Emails in Thunderbird

Hi all, my first ‘useful’ post on this blog ;)

So, as the title suggests, in this post I’ll be showing you how to share emails with windows and ubuntu (on the same machine of course :P ).

So, you say, why would you want to do that?
Well, the answer is simple, to keep things organized and tidy. I have a dual-boot machine with Vista and Ubuntu, and (since I’m a gamer), I can’t wipe vista off my system (although I’d love to ;) ).

So, I use Ubuntu as well as Vista, but the thing is sometimes I have to work on Windows to check my email and all that and when after that I switch to Ubuntu and suddenly I have to open that draft email I created in Windows but*uh-oh* it was in windoze thunderbird…now what?? bummer!

Well, the simple answer is, just share the emails with Windows as well as Ubuntu! And here’s how:

  1. In your Ubuntu, open up a terminal (Applications->Accessories->Terminal).

  2. And then in the terminal type:

thunderbird -ProfileManager

  1. The thunderbird Profile Manager should open up. Now, click on Create Profile button.

  2. Just type a name of the profile (I used Windows) and click on the Choose Folder button.

  3. Now, navigate to your Windows drive (where you have Windows installed):

I’ll use sda1 as an example.


and click on OK.

  1. Save your profile.

  2. Now your Profile Manager window should look like this:

Notice: I unchecked the ‘Don’t ask at Startup’ checkbox, since I also wanted to use the default profile. You can safely delete the default profile if you don’t need it. But I’ve kept it coz of some uber-secret-stuff-that-I-can’t-mention-here in there ;)

OK, so, I know I know, there are many more ways of doing this, but this seemed pretty easy for me and therefore I thought I’d share it here ;)

I hope you liked it :)

Cheers :)



Hello everyone!

This is my new home hehe. Some of you know that I’ve been blogging for quite some time on my wordpress hosted blog –

Now, I wanted a bit more flexibility and so, I moved to this self-hosted blog (of course a free one, I got no money for hosting :P ).

The other blog (at wordpress) is also there and it will be there forever (well, it will be until something bad doesn’t happen to it). And I will be publishing my new posts over here, so  yeah…new home hehe, new flexible home lol.

So, there ya go…so much for the first post of this blog, I’ll be posting more stuff here, so stay tuned and if you wish, subscribe to my RSS feed! :D

Take care guys and girls!

– gastly