Hi all :)

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I hope you’ll bear with this, I need some money for hosting…and I’m just a 19 yo kid whose parents aren’t willing to give money for “crap” like a blog…but oh well, I’ll get a job one day…I hope lol

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How To Install Grub2 On Ubuntu Jaunty

Hi guys :)

So, my exams are finally over and now I can finally write something useful in this blog.

I recently (well not **that** recently) updated my legacy grub to [grub2]( So, I thought I’d write a how-to for those who haven’t yet done the switch.

**NOTE:** Scroll down to the end of the post for a screenshot ![;)](

Alright, so lets move on…

This one’s not gonna be detailed, well, mainly becouse it’s not that tough to update, it’s pretty easy on an Ubuntu (or debian based) system.

Here we go…

Open up a terminal and write this: ****

**sudo apt-get install grub2 grub2-splashimages
This will install grub2 just like it installs every other package (what can I say, Debian roxx! ![:D]( ).

After all the unpacking and stuff, it will ask give you some warning, just say OK to them.

After the unpacking and installing is done, you can restart your system to boot into Grub2 and **test** it.

Once you’ve rebooted, your default **grub** will load up and it has a new option called **‘Chainload into Grub 2′**. Now, you know what to do ![;)](

Select **‘Chainload into Grub 2′** and press **ENTER**. And cross your fingers…

If it shows up fine then congrats!! Grub2 works! Now, don’t forget to test some other stuff (if the splashimage shows, then it’s well and good, if it doesn’t, then don’t worry I’ll show you how to set it up).

**NOTE:** Grub2 is **not** completely integrated **yet** into your system, the reboot is done to check if it runs fine in your system. If it does, then it’s well and good and if it doesn’t, you can remove grub2 by the following command: **sudo apt-get purge grub2**

Anyhoo, I haven’t yet seen anyone have problems when installing and testing **grub2** with the default configuration.

And now, if your Grub2 boots fine and it says ‘1.96’ as the version no. on the top of your grub menu, then **congrats!** Grub2 works fine on your system!

Now, to make grub2 install permanent, you will have to perform just one more command…yup, just one more, I promise ![:P](

Once booted into Ubuntu, open up a terminal, and type **sudo upgrade-from-grub-legacy** and you’re done!

Now **Grub2** will boot by default on your system.

And now, you’re probably thinking, where are the friggin splashimages that I installed and that everyone’s talking about! Have patience dude/dudette ![:P](

Alright now, first thing you should know is that, **Grub2** does **not** have it’s configuration in the file **menu.lst** located in /boot/grub. It, on the other hand, has configs located in the dir **/etc/grub** and in the file **/etc/default/grub**.

So, to change your configuration (like the timeout and the boot options), you need to change the file: **/etc/default/grub**

And to add splashimages (woohoo!) and kernels and such, you need to modify the files in: **/etc/grub**

Now, to add the splash images ![:P](

Open up **/etc/grub/005_debian_theme** file with your fav text editor (nano does the job for me ![;)]( ).

Now find this line: for i in {/boot/grub,/usr/share/images/desktop-base}/moreblue-orbit-grub.{png,tga}

and change it to:for i in {/boot/grub,/usr/share/images/desktop-base,/usr/share/images/grub}/.{png,tga}

NOTE: Replace the **** with the name of your theme file. Your splashimages (that you just installed) are located in **/usr/share/images/grub**. So, first find the image you want to use as the splashimage, and then replace **** with the name of your splash image **without the extension** (like png or jpg).

For me, my splashimage line looks like this: for i in {/boot/grub,/usr/share/images/desktop-base,/usr/share/images/grub}/Moraine_Lake_17092005.{png,tga}

So, for me, I’ve chosen the image **Moraine_Lake_17092005** located in the **/usr/share/images/grub** directory.

After that, you can use the **update-grub** command to update the grub configuration and then reboot to test out your new splashimage! ![:)](

PS: I apologize for not posting any screenshots here, since it’s been quite a while since I upgraded to Grub2, and I forgot to take screenshots when at that time ![:P]( (what I can I say, I forget things easily ![:P]( ).

But, here’s a wide-screen shot of my Grub2 with Morain_Lake splashimage in action! ![:D](

[![Grub2 Screenshot](×225.jpg “Grub2 Screenshot”)]( Screenshot

Real Life Update

Hello :)

Exams are soo close I feel like I’m doomed :P

But I took out just a bit of time to update this blog…Just to tell everyone what’s going on :p

I know you don’t care, but hey, gotta keep this blog running lol

So, I have exams from 14th…Thursday, and on that day I have my birthday too…what a day that will be lol

On one hand I’ll be happy that I’m gonna get loads of presents and on the other hand…the fear of exams hehehe…and so much for the birthday party :P

It’s all study study study for me :P

Oh and yeah, I joined twitter…(I hear you say ‘Good Morning’), but well, yeah it’s a bit late, so wht? :P Better late than never :P

You can follow me here: (IF you want, no pushing here :P )

OK, so much for this update, and yeah I’ve also added a twitter widget on the right side, there —-> (for those who dunno where right is :P ).

That’s all…wish me luck in my exams ;)

Keep visiting :)

Cya :)