Final Artwork for Ubuntu 9.10

Softpedia published a post on the final artwork for Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala), it’s the next in series after Jaunty (for those who don’t know :P).

EDIT: Sorry for the rant abt the gdm login screen. I didn’t know the new gdm doesn’t support theming…yet. I just hope they add support for themes soon! :D

Till then if you want to customize the login screen a bit (like change the default background etc. then follow this quick guide here. (via mcomandon on

Personally, I like the new elegant and bright look of the desktop, I like the wallpaper and there are lots of wallpapers to choose from. But the thing I don’t like is the GDM login screen. It’s kind of just plain simple. I would like some more eye-candy as far as the GDM theme goes ;) I just hope there are other GDM themes installed by default which we can choose :)

Also there’s a new icon theme named ‘Humanity’, which is very nice and elegant :)

Overall, the look is professional (not much blings and stuff, just plain professional). I know you can endlessly customize your desktop, but for new users, they will probably judge the OS based on how it looks by default (yes, I’m talking about Windows users :P). So, I’ll settle for this new look, it’s pretty cool, except for the GDM theme :P

I can’t wait for Karmic to come out, it’ll be the best version of Ubuntu! :D

Another update ;)

OK, so another update…this time it’s a really noticeable one, first of all the beautiful background image (well, it looks beautiful to me :P) and the second one, some minor bug fixes in the theme.

Designing a new layout and customizing the theme has taken a lot of time (and also I had exams, so I had less time); Hopefully (;)) I will settle for this new layout…but I can’t promise lol j/k :D

So, if you find any bugs feel free to leave a comment :)

Cya’s all :)

Update on the blog

Hello, so I’ve updated the blog with a new theme ;)

A pretty awesome theme called ‘Redoable’, I customized it a bit to suite my needs. But it’s still a work in progress. If anyone wants to give any suggestions then please feel free to either email me or leave a comment here :)

I’m a n00b to all this customizing wordpress themes, it took me around 2 weeks to customize the theme (duh! :P) and it’s still not completed :P.

Alright, so enjoy the new theme, I hope you like it…if not…well… :P

PS: I’m trying to design a new header…so please give any suggestions on it (and yes I love the purple/magenta color :P)

Cheers :)