How To Download Ubuntu 9.10 With Zsync

So, Ubuntu 9.10 codenamed ‘Karmic Koala’ is out! And if you’re thinking of downloading the iso, you must’ve noticed that the servers are really slow (well, at least for me). So, you have two options…first download the iso from a torrent or if you’ve got a rc version or beta version iso you can use Zsync to download only the changes and get a completely new iso file of the final version!
It involves a bit of terminal stuff, but it’s pretty easy, you just have to issue two commands, that’s all ;)

Install zsync first: [plain]sudo apt-get install zsync[/plain]

  1. First of all open up a terminal and go into the directory where you’ve kept the rc version iso.
    And then, rename the iso to the new filename…
    Like your rc version iso should be named like this: ubuntu-9.10-rc-desktop-i386.iso (for i386). So, you rename it to the final version’s name: ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso (for i386)
    [plain]mv ubuntu-9.10-rc-desktop-i386.iso ubuntu-9.10-desktop.iso[/plain]

  2. Then run zsync like this: [plain]zsync[/plain]

I upgraded from the beta iso in about 50 mins (well, I have a slow connection :P).

If you have a different architecture, then you can get the zsync url from here (at the bottom, look closely ;)).

Know any better way? Share it in the comments :)


Ubuntu 9.10 Final Releasing Tomorrow

fondo escritorio Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

* UPDATE * Karmic is out!! Wooooooooo! Get it from here:

Hey all, so the time has come! Tomorrow is the D-day ;) You can see the counter on the right —-> shows ‘1 day to go’! The time has come, ladies and gentlemen for Karmic Koala (Ubuntu 9.10) to be released! It’s gonna release tomorrow (duh :P), I can’t wait! If you’re an avid Ubuntu fan then I’m sure you won’t be able to sleep today ;)

I am on the Beta version of Karmic, which is as good as the final release (just a wee bit buggy, but still it’s pretty solid). So, if you’re on the RC or Beta versions, you’ll know what to expect in the final release. It’s pretty much the same as the Beta and RC (with all the updates).

If you haven’t given Karmic a go, then I’d recommend you go for it when the final comes out as it’s going to be the best version of Ubuntu yet (in my opinion of course :P).

Here are some things you should check out before giving Karmic a go:

  1. Check out the official ‘Features List‘ to see what you would get.

  2. If you want more details on the features, then check this out.

  3. Review of Ubuntu 9.10 on OMG! Ubuntu! blog.

  4. When you’ve decided to gopher it ;) the final 9.10 can be downloaded – here (When it comes out that is, only the Beta is available right now :P).

PS: As you’ll know people will flood the servers with download requests and so, please don’t rush. The best option is to download via P2P, so the servers don’t get overloaded ;)

[Photograph via / CC BY-SA 2.0]

Karmic Beta Releasing Today

Update: Alrighty! So Karmic Beta is out in the wild! :D You can get it from here: you can find the official announcement here. Have fun with Karmic!

Alright, so I’m a bit late for this post. But, still Karmic’s beta has not yet been released and it’s almost 8:15 PM IST. Geez, I’m eagerly waiting for it. Well, I’ve been constantly updating my Karmic Alpha install, so it’s pretty much close to what the Beta has to offer, but still I’ll feel happy when the Beta comes out, I may do a re-install, just for fun ;)

The Beta will be available at this link:

So, till it gets uploaded to all the mirrors, you can read the ‘Read before testing’ thread at the Ubuntu forums, here.

I’ve been testing Karmic for quite some time now and I’m glad to say, it’ll be the best ever Ubuntu release!

Use Notify-Osd with Firefox on Karmic

So, since the coming of notify-osd in Jaunty, you’ve wished that Firefox would use it? Well, there is an extension for Firefox which allows you to bypass the default notifications of Firefox and use the system-wide notifications instead. It has been around for quite some time (as far as I know…), but I’ve just accidentally found it in the karmic repo’s and I tried it out and see how it works ;)

Well, it works like a charm! But, it only notifies you when a download gets completed (well, firefox does not have any other notification afaik :P). So, if you want Firefox to completely integrate with your Karmic system, then you should definitely use this addon. For me, well I use DownThemAll extension for Firefox to download stuff, so…as you may have guessed…it doesn’t work with DownThemAll :P

Here’s a screenshot:

It’s pretty neat. I’d love to see this kind of extension for Thunderbird. If I learn how to make extensions, I’ll make one myself lol, but till then we’ll just hope that Mozilla folks start thinking of using the system-wide notifications for Linux desktops instead of their own :)

Here’s how to install it in Karmic:

[plain]sudo apt-get install firefox-notify[/plain]

For Jaunty users, you can get it from here.