Xchat Calc Script

*Update: *lol I forgot to add the download link, my bad sorry. Here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/?efbyw74g17361io

Hello everyone, I had some free time and I came up with a script for Xchat. It’s a simple calculator script which can evaluate simple mathematical expressions (haven’t tried with much complex ones :P ). It can also convert and calculate using Google’s calculator; Yes, the one which everyone uses to convert temperatures and currencies :P

So, anything the Google’s calculator can do, the script can too :)

*Download the script from here: *http://www.mediafire.com/?efbyw74g17361io

Here’s a simple guide to get you started:

  1. Load the script (put it in $HOME/.xchat2/), then either restart Xchat or type:

[plain]/py load ~/.xchat2/calc.py[/plain]

  1. Test it using: /calc 2+2 , it should output the result in the current window.

Functions reference:

/calc – Evaluates mathematical expression using Python. Eg: /calc 2+2

/gcal – Evaluates the given expression using Google. Eg: /gcal 24+24

/convert – It’s just an alias for /gcal, just to make it easy to remember. It just converts the given expression using Google. Eg: /convert 24C in F will convert 24 Celcius in Fahrenheit.

It’s a simple script written in Python, if you find any bugs or  you want me to add a feature or two, feel free to comment on this post or email me. Any feedback is much appreciated.

New Blog (Finally!)

Hey all, I’ve moved to my own domain from a free host (http://gastly.iblogger.org/) to http://kbhaskar.in!

So please update your bookmarks, some of my posts will be missing since my old host didn’t provide me a backup of the database, so some of my posts are gone :(

Hopefully this new host will be better! :)

Stay tuned for more articles on Ubuntu, Linux and FOSS :D

Cya’s :)


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