Make your GTK apps look good on KDE

Hello everyone, Happy new year! I know I’m a little late, but oh well, better late than never :P OK, back to business. If you run KDE you probably know that GTK applications don’t look good on it, yup I’m talking about Firefox or Gimp looking fugly and you trying out endless Qt like themes for Firefox and Gnome to make GTK apps look decent. Well, here’s some good news, there’s a new GTK engine that greatly resembles the native Qt look and makes your GTK applications look respectable on your KDE desktop.

The engine is called oxygen-gtk and it provides a much more native Qt like feel to your Gtk applications. You can visit the developers blog here (Great work mate!). Here’s some more info right from the developers (shamelessly copied from the README file in the source :P ):

Oxygen-Gtk is a port of the default KDE widget theme (Oxygen), to gtk. It’s primary goal is to ensure visual consistency between gtk-based and qt-based applications running under KDE. A secondary objective is to also have a stand-alone nice looking gtk theme that would behave well on other Desktop Environments. Unlike other attempts made to port the KDE oxygen theme to gtk, this attempt does not depend on Qt (via some Qt to Gtk conversion engine), nor does render the widget appearance via hard coded pixmaps, which otherwise breaks everytime some setting is changed in KDE.

Some of the key features are:

  • ARGB Support – Provides transparency (Could cause some problems for some applications though)
  • Window Grabbing – You can move a window by dragging it from an empty area (just like in Qt apps)
  • Mouse-Over Support – Highlighting of the widget when the mouse pointer enters it
  • Lots of tweaking options – Just run oxygen-settings to tweak the engine’s settings

A new feature that will come in the next release will be DBus support so that Gtk applications can update themselves if KDE’s configuration changes, so no need to restart your apps after applying that uber cool colorscheme you got from

I’ve packaged it in my ppa, Ubuntu users can get it by adding my ppasudo add-apt-repository ppa:gastly/oxygen-gtk and then *sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install oxygen-gtk *

Sorry to say, but I’ve deactivated my PPA, I wanted to change my nick and I couldn’t do that if I had an active PPA. Therefore, I removed the PPA. But I found another PPA providing Oxygen-Gtk, by Nikola Kovacs here.


Oxygen Gtk Firefox There are some more screenshots on the developer’s blog. OK, so this wraps up this post, I’ll post again on oxygen-gtk when I have more time to tinker with it. But for now, I’ll sign off (it’s almost 3 AM! o_O)

Laters :)