[GSOC 2012] Weekly Report – 1

The start of GSOC was a bit slow for me since I had exams (till 24th) (boooring :P) and I had to skip the first few days. But I’m glad at least the exams are over -_-‘

From the few days I had this week to work on GSOC I planned out how to integrate the interface with the interface (backend interface (jQuery) and frontend interface (HTML)) :P

I did make an initial mockup of the UI and pushed it to github. The initial interface is plain and simple and looks fine imo (unless you don’t like gray :P), it’s something I made in a short time so it’s not something really fancy. If you want you can test it online at http://kbhaskar.in/webinterface/. The discussion is going on here.

I’m working on some new interface ideas, like suggested on the discussion thread by Peli, to make the interface look somewhat like OI applications in a tablet. I’m currently preparing a mockup of that and another one that I have in mind.

As for the integration with the server backend, me, Stanley (OIServer) and Vettukal (OI Cloud Sync) will discuss this at the earliest.

To sum it all up….

I did the following stuff this week:

  • Make an initial interface: DONE
  • Start an initial integration with jQuery and HTML: DONE
  • Party because exams are over :P : DONE
  • Enjoy GSOC and work extra time to compensate for the lost time: WIP

Next Week’s TODO

These are the things that I’m planning to do next week, no promises though :P

  • Start a discussion with the server guys for integration
  • Work out a common specification for the integration
  • Make some mockups of the interface
  • Finalize the interface design and start work on it


GSOC Time!

Hi all! I’m finally done with exams and now it’s time to focus on GSOC fully! Yes, I’ve been selected for GSOC (Google Summer Of Code, for those of you who live under a rock :P), my first year! I should’ve posted it before but….well….exams suck :P

I’m working with OpenIntents this summer to design a web interface for OpenIntents Server (OIServer) as well as Cloud Sync. Both of these projects are under GSOC as well.
More information can be found at: https://github.com/openintents/gsoc2012/wiki/Bhaskar-Kandiyal

Also, I’ll be posting weekly updates about what I’m doing and how much I’ve progressed. I’ve started working on an initial design which I’ll finish by tomorrow and post it here for review and suggestions.

Cheers all! Hope to have fun with GSOC this year!