[GSOC 2012] Weekly Report – 8

Yup, I’m posting this report because….I passed the midterm evaluation yay :D Thanks to my mentor Al Sutton for the support and guidance :)

OK, back to business ;)

Next Week’s TODO

  • Improve upon the OI Shopping List interface: WIP (Almost done, just needs support for managing lists)
  • Add some more API and functionality for modules: *DONE *(I’ll add more API functions in the future as well)
  • Fix bugs in the interface: DONE (Fixed all the bugs I could find)
  • Clean up code: DONE

OK, so this week doesn’t have anything big, just some minor fixes here and there and some code improvements and cleanup.

I fixed some bugs in the JavaScript which led to event bubbling which in-turn triggered some unexpected events.

A noticeable improvement in the code is that I now use jQuery.on instead of jQuery.live to add event listeners since jQuery.live is now deprecated and had some drawbacks to it. This could make triggering of events much faster and therefore should speed up the whole interface, although I don’t have any statistics right now as to how much it has improved.

Next, I improved the look of the progressbar that shows ‘Loading’ when the interface is, well, loading :P The progressbar now uses bootstrap’s CSS classes which should make it look just like the rest of the interface (previously it was ugly :P)

OI Shopping Lists’s web interface has also been worked upon now. I’ve added event handlers for almost all the events (except lists). OI Shopping List is a very complex application, well at least it’s interface was hard to convert to a web-friendly one. Now, I’ll be working on the lists which should be tricky as I don’t want to clutter the interface with more buttons like it is now with the ‘Add New List’ and ‘Delete List’ buttons.

I’m thinking of adding drop-down or a ‘Manage Lists’ button which would open up a dialog to manage lists.

Alright….saving the best for last. In my last week’s report I talked about asking Vettukal to push the App-Engine app with the interface to app-engine. He was facing some problems with it as well. But, I managed it push it to the App-Engine now. All’s well and sorted and it works fine :)

You can check it out here: http://oisafecloud.appspot.com/

NOTE: The main welcome page is buggy (it doesn’t slide the text). I just noticed it that it, for some reason, didn’t work on the app-engine. Strange, it worked locally. So, I guess I’ll add it in the TODO for next week.

You will need to sync some data first, so Vettukal’s Cloud Sync app is needed. Feel free to test and leave feedback and bug reports :)

I also worked on new icons for OI WiFi Server and Cloud Sync Server, I’ll be putting them on the list this week once I sort the minor stuff out.

OK, that’s all for this week, I know not much stuff, just some optimizations and cleanup. But making the code stable is more important than adding bells and whistles :)

Now, for next week….

Next Week’s TODO

  • Finish the OI Shopping List interface design
  • Add REST calls for OI Shopping List to the interface
  • Improve the OI Cloud Sync welcome page / landing page
  • Improve the Home page (I have some ideas in my head ;))
  • And the usual bug fixes, optimizations and code cleanup :)