[GSOC 2012] Weekly Report 9

Hi guys! Week 9 done! :)

 Last Week’s TODO:

  • Finish the OI Shopping List interface design: DONE
  • Add REST calls for OI Shopping List to the interface: WIP
  • Improve the OI Cloud Sync welcome page / landing page: DONE
  • Improve the Home page (I have some ideas in my head ;) ): DONE
  • And the usual bug fixes, optimizations and code cleanup :): DONE

Shopping List Interface and REST calls

OK, so at the start of the week I worked on the OI Shopping List interface design, mainly on the UI for managing lists. I figured a simple drop-down div way for managing the lists would be best so in the list selection drop-down box there’s a option which when selected displays options to manage lists. I haven’t yet added the javascript to edit and or delete the lists because I was focusing more on the design. But this should be a few lines of code and won’t take more than 5 minutes :)

As for the REST calls, I didn’t have the time to implement them and also we have not finalized the REST calls for the shopping list so maybe we should first discuss on the calls and then implement them. Therefore, I’m skipping this for now.

OI Cloud Sync Welcome Page

As per last week, I did some initial design of the welcome page for OI Cloud Sync which will be hosted on the App Engine. Since it will be the first page the user will see, I thought it would be good to introduce the user to the features of OI Cloud Sync and it’s web interface. This is done by the tried and tested way of sideshow’s! As of now, I quickly made the slides and they don’t look quite professional but I’ll eventually add some good looking ones ;)

The page also has a Login with your Google Account button as a BFB (Big Friggin Button) in the middle, so there’s no way to miss it ;)

At the bottom there are a couple of small text blocks describing OI Cloud Sync.

Improve the interface Home page

Now coming back to my own project :P I’ve made some subtle changes to the home page. Most of them won’t be noticeable unless you have an eye for details but the most noticeable is the Toggle Sidebar button on the left side which allows an easy way to toggle the sidebar so you don’t have to goto the menu to do it and the other thing is the small pencil icon when hovering over the app icons. The pencil icon is an Edit button that leads to the settings page which allows easy way of enabling and disabling applications.

Another subtle change, apart from others, is that the sidebar now slides to the left instead of fading to the top-left before. This gives a bit more ‘toggling-the-sidebar’ effect :P

Here’s a screenshot:

And the usual bug fixes….

I also fixed some bugs in the JavaScript and migrated some anchor tags to buttons since anchors are usually used to link externally but we only have internal links here so we don’t need anchors at all times ;)

Give it a whirl!

I’ve set up my own app-engine project to test stuff so I don’t mess up with Vettukal’s work. Here’s the link where you can test everything I talked about: http://bkandiyal.appspot.com/

So, yup that’s pretty much it for this week :)

Now, for next week….

Next Week’s TODO

  • Improvements to the home page for both OI Cloud Sync and the web interface
  • The usual bug fixes and code cleanup
  • Add a tabbed settings page (If it looks good that is ;))
  • Some more stuff that I can’t think of right now :P