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[GSOC 2012] Weekly Report – 10

Hi everyone! :)

Week 10 of GSOC done! Wow, time flies :D

Last Week’s TODO

  • Improvements to the home page for both OI Cloud Sync and the web interface: DONE
  • The usual bug fixes and code cleanup: DONE
  • Add a tabbed settings page (If it looks good that is ;) ): ND (Details below)
  • Some more stuff that I can’t think of right now :P

Improvements To the Home Page

The home page of the web interface has been improved. As usual they’re subtle changes to the colors and CSS fixes. The ‘Toggle Sidebar’ button to the left now has an opacity which increases on hover so it looks like it glows. Also the color of the launcher icons in the home page has been tweaked a bit.

As for the OI Cloud Sync home page, I didn’t get enough time to improve it a lot but I’ll surely do it next week :)

Tabbed Settings

This, as of now is a no-go. Why? Because right now we don’t have many settings to change so categorizing the settings into tabs would be a headache to navigate for the user :) Maybe we can add it later once we have a number of settings.

Sorted Tables

A noticeable improvement this week is the ability to sort the data. Both in OI Notepad and OI Shopping List you can click the table headers to sort the column this is a nice feature for people who have a lot of notes or shopping list items and want to sort them :)

Other Improvements

OK, so these were not planned by me in my TODO last week but these suggestions / bug reports were given by my mentor Al Sutton and Aaron and Friedger on OpenIntents mailing list.

Here are the things that they suggested and I implemented:

  • Fixed the duplicate empty message bug
  • Fixed a bug where previous note contents were left in the ‘Add New Note’ dialog.
  • Changed the Back button to Home button
  • Added functionality to focus on the input of a dialog box
  • Add support for ‘quick add’ (as I like to call it). This adds functionality to quickly add an item to the shopping list where you just want an item name in the list. There’s a new textbox for that which does this. The old AddItem button is still there if you wish to enter details of the item as well.
  • Added a Logout button to the interface

Here’s a screenshot:

So, that’s pretty much it for this week! :)

As always you can test the interface at

The ‘pencils down’ date is closing in fast and I have to get all the bugs ironed out next week, so there won’t be a set TODO for next week but only bug fixes and minor enhancements :)

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