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[GSOC 2012] Weekly Report – 11

Hi guys :)

Last week I said I’d do only bug fixes to the interface but since on the OpenIntents mailing list I got quite a lot of suggestions from Aaron and Friedger so I implemented those as well and fixed some bugs.

Here’s a list of improvements I’ve made based on suggestions given in the OpenIntents mailing list:

  • Made the landing page for OI Cloud Sync more responsive, I do this by hiding the slideshow on mobile devices since it’s really meant for large screen devices and fixing a bug where the navbar and footer were not aligned well with the page.
  • Made the table in OI Shopping List responsive as well so it resizes well on small screen devices
  • Ability to sort the shopping list items based on their status (completed / not completed or checked / unchecked)
  • I’ve removed the ‘inline edit’ for shopping list items and now a full edit window aka add window with edit functionality is shown to the user as suggested by Aaron.
  • A major improvement is that the OI Shopping List’s table is now scrollable. This was done because Aaron suggested we have the ‘quick add’ input box at the bottom of the page so that it’s more in line with the actual OI Shopping List’s interface. To accomplish that I had to make the table scrollable with overflow: auto but it’s not supported on some mobile devices so it didn’t scroll therefore I used some JavaScript to make it scrollable on touch. Now it’s all fine and dandy :)
  • Also a change that Friedger requested to close the settings dialog when we click the settings button again has been added as well.
  • Apart from that quite a lot of small bug fixes

Long awaited icons are now done :P I had a bunch of ideas on making these so I implemented quite a few of these (especially for the Cloud Sync Server). I also changed the arrows so they don’t resemble the Skype logo’s ‘S’. Here’s the icons (I’ll post them to the mailing list as well).

As for the next week, I’ll be working on some important things:

  • REST API on App Engine for CloudSync (I’ll need to talk to Stanley first about some details of the API)
  • Implementing the full REST API for OI Shopping List
  • Documentation for how to add new modules or apps support to the interface
  • Code cleanup
  • As usual bug fixes and minor improvements (I’ll try to improve IE9 support as well)

You’re free to test the interface here and report any bugs :)

Bhaskar Kandiyal is the type of developer that has dabbled in all...from Android and web development to OpenGL shaders, 3D modeling to machine learning and building scalable applications. He is always looking for a challenge and new opportunities to test his knowledge.