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[GSOC 2012] Weekly Report – 12

Hi guys!

Week 12 is finished and we have the official ‘pencils down’ date of today, so no developing after today, bummer :P

So, let’s start off with the usual, TODO from the last week:

  • REST API on App Engine for CloudSync (I’ll need to talk to Stanley first about some details of the API): DONE
  • Implementing the full REST API for OI Shopping List: DONE* (Read Below)
  • Documentation for how to add new modules or apps support to the interface: WIP
  • Code cleanup: DONE
  • As usual bug fixes and minor improvements (I’ll try to improve IE9 support as well): DONE

I fixed quite a lot of small and big bugs and since my college started this week, I had to work extra hard and manage my time. Most of the time spent this week was on bug fixes and organizing the code with a bit of UI improvements like the toggle sidebar button has been improved.

A new thing for mobile browsers is that the OI Shopping List for mobile browsers follows exactly the same layout of items as the application itself. Since a table of the different columns would not fit in a small screen, I had to make this change, which in my opinion looks pretty good :)

And for low end device or for those who don’t like fancy animations, there’s also a setting to disable animations now :)

Next up I had to fix some problems with how I handled the shopping list data sent by the server. The price was sent in cents (took me a while to understand when Stanley told me :P) so I convert the price from cents to dollars now.

I also wrote a stub for the REST calls API for shopping list on the CloudSync project. Also, Vettukal told me the shopping list sync is not ready yet. So, if I  added my own support for shopping list (only on the App Engine) would mean to modify the Task structure (at least that’s what I think needs to be done since imho there’s currently no way to differentiate between a shopping list and a shopping list item if we follow the current structure of the Task) which could possibly lead to breakage in syncing with OI Notepad (This is from my own understanding and could all be wrong :P)

Therefore, I simply implemented a stub for the REST calls as documented by Stanley which sends a 501 Not Implemented error code that tells the interface that the app is not yet available and therefore it doesn’t get displayed in the app engine interface.

As a part of cleaning up the code, I included all the shopping list and notepad functions inside a namespace which I should have done earlier since there’s no real reason to add those functions to the global namespace. Now we have all the helper functions in global namespace and all the application specific stuff in the application’s own namespace.

Next up I also added quite a bit of documentation to the source JavaScript files. I’ll be using YUIDoc to parse the files and generate the documentation for functions :)

Now that the coding period is finished I will solely focus on documenting the interface which would contain mostly how to add support for new applications and documentation for existing functions.

Cheers! :)

Bhaskar Kandiyal is the type of developer that has dabbled in all...from Android and web development to OpenGL shaders, 3D modeling to machine learning and building scalable applications. He is always looking for a challenge and new opportunities to test his knowledge.