Google Summer of Code,  KDE

GSoC 2014: Akonadi Commandline Interface Project

Hello everyone :)

I know it’s a little late to introduce myself and my GSoC project. But better late than never I guess :)

I am Bhaskar Kandiyal a student pursuing masters in Computer Applications and I have been accepted as a student to work for KDE as a part of GSoC this year! My mentors are Jonathan Marten and Kevin Krammer and I would like to thank them for giving me an opportunity to work on this project.

My project is titled Akonadi Commandline Interface Project. As evident from the name it’s an application that will act as a commandline interface to Akonadi so advanced users and system administrators can access and modify Akonadi’s data from shell scripts etc.

A demo project that I extended from the early prototype made by Kevin Krammer and Jonathan Marten is available here:

As of now I have implemented the –dryrun option for all the commands that modify the Akonadi datastore. And currently I’m working on adding basic filesystem and data commands (delete, edit etc.) to the client.

More details about the project and my progress will be posted on this blog :)


Bhaskar Kandiyal is the type of developer that has dabbled in all...from Android and web development to OpenGL shaders, 3D modeling to machine learning and building scalable applications. He is always looking for a challenge and new opportunities to test his knowledge.